For me, it is fundamental to breath between disciplines. I shift between drawing and performance, feeding off video and painting as well. Expressing myself through any one single medium drains me; one way of communicating makes me feel exhausted. My specialty is to apply a variety of processes and the flexibility of techniques to creation. This alleged dispersion coalesces into a particular universe, one in which all things relate to each other. It weaves a coherent narrative underpinned by intuition, spontaneity and surprise as strategies for survival.

I am interested in the intiutive process and ritual as a mode of connection to the intangible.  I search for roots.  I am fascinated by what opens channels, inviting the unknown; the occult, hidden emotions, the unexpected;  to connect me to memories that perhaps I have not directly lived.  My ancestors, my grandmothers, women who have come before me, guide me to my own true identity, and it is for this reason that my pieces operate on multiple levels.  We see what we want to see, what we need to see, often what we never wanted to see.

I shift between visual art, theater and dance in grotesque, decided, and colorful ways, guided by a sensory logic that unites the emotional and symbolic.  From fear to curiosity and from curiosity to confrontation; always leaving space for the play of improvisation. 

My performance universe is derived from my surrounding circumstances and personal experiences.  I am moved to investigate that which needs healing, and I use performance, the space and the spectator, as a way to confront it.

My desire is to discover myself as I am, investigating what’s possible once I have liberated freedoms, distancing myself from formulas and artifice.  I claim my own right to express.  I claim who I am. I assume it- as completely and often as possible; and I keep with me the voice of Emily Dickinson who whispers “I live in possibility”….


Her work exudes a great sexual energy and feminity. She demystifies the stereotype of “the feminine” pushing the representation of phallic empowerment towards de-contextualization. Metaphorized pedestrian activities that work the space between object and subject.   Manuel Menassa

I could not understand the Filliou´phrase “Art is what make life more interesting than art” before learning about Alba Soto's work. This artist highlights fears and insecurities, heightening our ability to experience our own. It is easy to romanticize our personal miseries, but Soto reveals hers as something beautiful, and offers positive lessons about the path to change.   Elena Rey

Alba Soto, uses time to isolate a specific moment in life, and thus demonstrates what exists within it, helping us think, create, and speak. Her performances are shamanic because they transform the atmosphere, making us believe in what already is.

Arnold Taraborelli